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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  May 11, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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payments, if they are doing the right thing. >> mitt romney appeared in north carolina, just three days after voters banned same-sex unions. romney focused his remarks on blasting labor unions. >> the president doesn't want to play fair. he wants to do the bidding of these old union ceo bosses. >> reporter: romney says as president he would knock down obama administration rules. >> we believe in freedom and letting people choose whether or not parts of unions and if i'm president, i'm going to turn that freedom. >> reporter: analysts say romney spent the entire week in catchup mode. >> he wants to concentrate on the uncertainty, the economic uncertainty. >> reporter: fox 5 political analyst says with news that the cia foiled a terrorist bomb plot and the president supporting same-sex marriage, the romney campaign has been struggling to keep up.
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>> any time the subject matter goes anywhere else, it doesn't help mitt romney. he hasn't reached that crucial point where people are voting affirmatively for romney. >> reporter: with early visits to nevada and north carolina in this election cycle, it appears both campaigns are trying to plant seeds they intend to harvest next november. this campaign returns to our area tomorrow. governor romney will be in lynchburg, virginia tomorrow to address christian coalition members at liberty university, which was found by the late reverend jerry fallwell. >> the family of the man supposedly bullied by mitt romney is disputing the washington post report. the post talked to another classmate who says romney held down a student who is presumed to be gay and cut off his blond hair. romney insists he didn't know the student was gay and denying the claims. he apologized to anyone who may have been offended. the alleged victim died of cancer in 2004. his family is attacking the
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article saying if he was alive, he would be furious about this story. the teenager accused in a series of vicious hammer attacks in petworth left one man dead has been ruled temporarily incompetent. the report prepared for the court a clinical psychologist says michael davis has been treated in the past for skitsofrania. fox 5's paul wagner with the story. >> michael davis stared straight ahead and showed no emotion as several lawyers and a judge discussed the current state of his mental health. none objects after they ordered in patient treatment for the next 60 days. the 19-year-old used a claw hammer to attack people without provocation who were walking in his neighborhood. according to this five-page report prepared by a psychologist, michael davis often stared off into space while being evaluated over a two-day period this week.
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telling the doctor he was quote, doing good at the youth and transition school in baltimore. the report says when he was hospitalized last year, his teacher and parent both said they are afraid of him. it was noted he has a history of psychotic issues and hospitals. in addition, the report says davis reported that he attends the green door and was unsure of his current medications. the green door is a community program that prepares people with severe and persistent mental illness to work and live independently. the grandmother of one of the victims says she is unconvinced davis is incompetent. >> because he ran and he was hiding and he was throwing away clothes, evidence, whatever. so he's able to stand trial. i really believe he can stand trial on what he did to people. >> davis was charged this week with killing gary, a tourist from colorado, as he walked back to the place he was staying in the neighborhood. police believe the teen who is
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the brother of nfl brothers, vernon and donte davis. so far, he has been charged in the murder and two of the four nonfatal attacks. brian. a woman says she was attacked in mcclane, virginia this morning and police are looking for two men behind a building at 1:00 a.m. who say the men hit the woman with a blunt object, sexually assaulted her, took her money before running off. police haven't released a dese men, but asking for tips. police arrested a teenager who is accused of vandalizing a mosque. charged with felony, deconstruction of property, in january, police discovered the damage to the muslim community mosque. the building was under construction. detectives also found several discarded containers of alcohol. fairfax county police say more arrests could be possible. good dental care costs hundreds, even thousands of dollars sometimes, but today a team of dentists in frederick
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changed that. they charged nothing for cleaning, exams, fillings, and extractions. fox 5's john hanrahan shows us, patients started lining up in the middle of the night. >> reporter: they called it dentistry from the night. an all-day clinic to patients completely free of charge. >> we were surprised. people out there at 2:00 a.m. already waiting. >> reporter: why did the three dentists associated with premier dental arts in frederick cancel all paid appointments and keep on their large staff for the volunteer effort? >> i would say dentistry has been extremely good to me over the years and i feel it's a way of giving back. >> reporter: stone mason who lives on a comune got a filling and his dore daughter got a free cleaning and examination. >> it saves a lot of money. it's free. so you can't pass that. we are grateful for that.
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>> reporter: they sometimes do pay for dental care, but some patients here simply cannot afford to pay. beverly is a dialysis patient who lives on a small pension and social security. >> by the time you finish paying your monthly bills, you are waiting for the next check to roll around. >> reporter: some years, says beverly, she has to choose between seeing a dentist or getting new glasses. according to the flier which promoted this event, the dentists and hygienists would offer one free service, a cleaning or one filling or one extraction. some patients needed more. >> basically every tooth in his mouth was rotted down to the gum line. it was a mess. i'm surprised, he just had pain in one side and one tooth, but he needs them all out. >> reporter: on that patient, he performed five extractions for free. in frederick, john hanrahan, fox 5 news. a nightmare caught on
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camera as a little girl falls into a busy intersection. ever feel like your facebook posts get lost in the crowd? facebook wonders if you would pay to stand out? >> gorgeous for us. it looks like we'll continue to be that way, maybe nicer for tomorrow. what about mother's day? we'll have that complete forecast coming up. and the enemy territory. >> greetings from new york city, caps goalie becomes the father on the eve of game seven and speaking of him, he and his caps teammates held a final tuneup in virginia before their most important game of the season. those stories and more coming up many sports. brian. if you have a story idea you think we should look into, we're back. [ male announcer ] hot outta the oven, it's the pizza sub!
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legendary car designer is the man behind high powered muscle cars has died in texas. he was 89 years old. hit the market in the early 60s. he also designed a version of the ford mustang to compete with the corvette. he was one of the longest living heart transplants. viral video from china. surveillance videos caught a four-year-old falling out of a car in an intersection. there she goes, barely missed getting hit by the back tires and that on coming taxi. the dad jumped out, abandoned his car and kept on going, swerving into a tree. the girl reportedly only has a few bruises and maybe could use a car seat. a reporter fired for stripping speaks out and facebook wants to know if users would pay for certain features. shawn yancy in the weather center. >> facebook wants to help you stand out in the crowd and they come up with a unique way to do it. write a post, pay a dollar or
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two and facebook will place your post on the top of your friends feeds. it's not a done deal yet, but facebook is running tests to see if users are interested. a new exhibit shows the history of your iphone. patents and trade marks over the years, including the first computer and the first ipod. the temporary exhibit is open at the center near the smithsonian. and hot on the web tonight, a newspaper reporter fired for stripping is claiming gender dediscrimination. sarah filed a formal complaint with the equal opportunity employment commission. the paper claims she never disclosed her past, but she says she shouldn't have to. >> i feel that women should not be deafened other employment because they have worked as exotic dancers. some young women will use dancing as a way to make ends meet while they study to prepare for the career that they hope to be able to have for the rest of their lives. >> pay for her master's degree
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in journalism. she plans to keep on reporting, no comment tonight from the newspaper. brian. plenty of people have gotten into an argument at the checkout counter. that's the story coming up. 
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police found the body of a new jersey radio host shot to death in her own home. 47-year-old april hosted a weekly radio program on wond. she was also known for her activism. she and her husband live near the jersey shore in lin wood. investigators aren't releasing any detail details on a motive. >> jury has stricted convicted jennifer hudson's former
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brother-in-law. after three days of deliberations. he faces a mandatory sentence of life in prison. hudson was the first witness called to the stand and she attended every day of testimony. watch the bottom of your screen. a man argued about a clerk about whether he paid. the clerk has severe burns to her arms. philadelphia police have the surveillance video will lead to an arrest in that case. : authorities are investigating an alleged mob. for art, it's been missing from a boost p museum for more than twenty years. fox reports. >> the fbi swarmed robert's manchester home this morning before 8:00. armed with a warrant, their second search on the property since february. when the 75-year-old reputed mobster was arrested on weapons charges. >> 17 years, i have never seen anything like this. >> but the federal warrant is a ruse and that drug and weapons charges have been orchestrated in the search for something other than firearms. >> the first one clearly didn't get what they wanted,
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which is certainly not firearms. it's certainly the paintings from the museum. >> isabella was robbed in 1990, $500 million worth of rembrant. 22 years later, the feds believe it's in manchester, connecticut. >> they got radar. they are looking for paintings. >> investigators combed the backyard with radar equipment, searched the home with bomb sniffing dogs as the son looked on. fire crackers were found during the february search. neighbors find it all hard to believe. >> i'm just so stunned because i'm a professional artist and everybody in the art world, you know, knows about that infamous heist. >> i hope they catch them. i hope, you know, i hope everything gets resolved. >> his client is being snapped with charges and held in solitary confinement. he has zero connection to the
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artwork and outsiders simply painted an incorrect picture of his client. >> they are telling him you're going to die in jail unless you give us more information and he has no information. >> a new disaster over baltimore's inner harbor. a famous tight rope walker slipped and fell. see, nearly fell. thank goodness. would have been a disaster. his heart jumped into his throat when it happened. next, a trip over niagra falls next month. a little windy out there. >> it was a little windy. >> outside of the wind. so in a back alley where my car was today, blazing up. >> really nice. like 100 degrees. >> that's the may sunshine. you know, it's not like we're in late march or april anymore. the sun is a lot higher in the sky. so even though when we get some of this nice, cool, dry air
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pushing downright out of canada, we can still warm the temperatures up and that's exactly what happened today. officially so far, the high temperature for reagan national is 73 degrees. we may have bumped up a little higher than that after the official high was recorded. with that sunshine, it does feel fairly warm. a breezy at 7:00. 67. look what happens once the temperature drops. temperatures will fall into the 60s and down into the upper 50s by 10:00, 11:00 tonight. we're still sitting at 73 degrees. gaithersburg is down to 70. in baltimore right now is 71. now let me show you, we are perfect, basically perfectly clear. we had a couple fair weather clouds, but sitting under some building high pressure and look at these clouds coming off the showers and thunderstorms farther down to the southwest. these are very high, very thin, and very, very whispy clouds. as they move into this area of
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high pressure, that is building up over us, a lot of this will be dispated. we'll see a little bit from time to time tomorrow. it does not look like tomorrow is going to be as brilliantly sunny as what we had today and the winds will switch and that will help warm things up more. as a matter of fact, tomorrow afternoon, some places will be right at 80 degrees. but big storms down into texas and this whole system is trying to get closer to us and i say that because it may bring us showers on mother's day. late in the afternoon and evening, that's the way it's looking right now. as we get into tomorrow and the weekend, this high pressure is building up. a ridge of high pressure here and at the surface, we are getting southwesterly winds. that will allow temperatures to warm up and warm up nicely by tomorrow afternoon and the breeze is going to calm down. you know, it's not going to be humid, but it will be warmer tomorrow. high temperature gets up to 79 degrees. again, we have been talking
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about this the last couple of days. the last few days with a chance of clouds coming in for mother's day and the possibility of showers, too. ask we're going to keep showers in the forecast for later in the day and into the evening on mother's day, not everybody. we could have some showers there, but temperatures will be still in the upper 70s. not a bad day, all things considered. tonight we are down to 50 degrees in town. look out for the suburbs. dulles 48. a little warmer down to the south. again, have clear skies and cooler conditions. the winds will become out of the west at 5 miles per hour. no problems there. tomorrow, another nice and sunny day, just some of those high clouds, the high, thin cirrus clouds. so not nearly as breezy as what we've had the last couple of days. gaithersburg around 75. here in town, 79 degrees.
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quantico 78. and basically upper 70s for all of our western and north western neighborhoods. so hey, it looks pretty good. we get through the weekend. of course the possibility of late showers on mother's day. so not perfect for mother's day, but again, not too bad. temperatures in the upper 70s. we get into monday, tuesday, wednesday of next week and fall into more likely an unsettled pattern. not a will the of rain, but we'll have showers and thunderstorms pretty much each day. >> thanks. reminder, you can check the weather any time. the app store, search d.c. weather, it's also on our website. : count down is on to tomorrow's game seven showdown. lindsey murphy is live at the big apple with a preview. >> first, a bird takes his first flight. the mascot went sky diving in virginia yesterday. apparently screech did just fine. brake back on the ground.
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greetings from new york city. i'm lindsey murphy. we are a little over 24 hours away from game seven between the capitals and rangers. the caps are now in manhattan. they held a practice this morning before flying into town later this afternoon. let's flash back to wednesday night. that's when the capitals won an elimination game for the second time in these playoffs. they defeated the bruins and followed that up with a 2-1 victory to force another winner take all game seven, which is tomorrow night right here in new york. today before the caps left, the players were asked about another must win game. >> it's a big game. there's no hiding. confidence in the room and you get excited about going out and
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feel you are climbing up a huge hill and it's going to be tough. you don't feel that. the game is winable, you're excited to get out there. >> everybody is fired up about this. it's a huge, huge day. it would be nice to play at home, but it's fun to go there and play and try to beat those guys. >> rookie goalie has made the most of his opportunity this post season. tomorrow will mark his 14th consecutive start. he has posted a 1.95 goals and a 9:35 save percentage. the 22-year-old became a father. it just so happened to take place on an offday. >> it was planned so it wouldn't be a distraction to our team as possible. it was a great day. mom and baby are doing great, but now the focus is on hockey.
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>> tonight the nationals continue their road trip in cincinnati against the reds. yesterday, stephen strasburg put an end to one streak while he kept another streak alive against the pirates. let's go back to that game yesterday. top of the 6th, the nats trailing. with a runner on, drives one to deep center field. back it goes. for a two-run home run. his fifth of the year. the nats have their first lead of the game. it's 3-2. strasburg has walked, the bases loaded. he stays calm. he gets garrett jones swinging for his 13th and final strikeout. strasburg goes 6 innings. end a three-game losing skid. they have been in first place. >> yesterday the redskins kicked off their 80th anniversary with a party at their indoor practice facility. a 120 beyond all reasonable doubt 120-yard field. the festivities included the
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redskins cheerleaders and a number of redskins greats. the team unveiled their throwback jerseys. the bubble has gotten rave reviews. >> do everything you want to do. if it's bad weather where you can't go outside or too windy, it gives you a chance to have a quality practice. >> reporter: game seven is here in new york tomorrow night. brian, back to you. >> now you have the news edge. the newses is always on go out and enjoy. we'll be back here tonight at 10:00. the news edge at 11:00. see ya. ♪
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